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Whatever the reason may be, hair loss at an early age can shatter someone’s self-confidence and be devastating for them. 20% of men experience baldness by the age of 35, making men the primary demographic of this issue. However, hair loss affects many other groups as well, such as children with alopecia, cancer, patients, and women with hair loss. Unfortunately, hair loss is more common than most people think- but thanks to technology, we have non-surgical hair replacement solutions for you!

There are multiple types of hair replacement services that work for both men and women. This can be a fantastic solution for those that do not want to undergo surgery for hair replacement! This option is also usually more cost-effective compared to hair replacement surgery. Whereas people had to put up with itchy or ill-fitted wigs in the past, fixing pattern baldness is now much easier with this solution.

For men, a hairpiece is usually placed on the crown which covers up the male pattern baldness. The hairpiece is able to merge with the natural hair to look natural on the person’s head. For women, hairpieces are usually in diminishing places where hair is sparse. 

With the amazing technology that is available today, we can now restore your hair and confidence in a relatively easy way!

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